For Book Clubs

Dead Lies Book Group Guide

Thank you for choosing Dead Lies for your book club! I hope you enjoyed it.

Spoiler Warning:
If you have not finished the book please don’t read any of the questions below!

If you are ready, consider these topics for discussion:

  1. Anna has some heavy baggage to deal with as she settles into her new life in suburbia—the death of one child and the other’s grief. And of course, she herself is grieving, not to mention dealing with her deep anger at her ex-husband’s negligence. Do you think it was wise for Anna to leave her family and friends and the familiarity of Brooklyn to start fresh? What comforts and support might she be depriving herself and her son Max of? And was it fair to Anna’s ex-husband Jack that she moved their son to another state?
  2. Speaking of Jack, how you do feel about what he did? Do you blame him for Nicholas’s death? Should Anna forgive him? Can she?
  3. Adoption is a major theme of the book, as are lying and secret-keeping, and there are multiple adoption-lie threads running throughout. How do you feel about Vivian and Carl Marino’s decision not to tell Web and Serena they were adopted? Do you consider that lying (by omission)? What do you think were their reasons? Perhaps they were trying to protect their children from the stigma that many adoptees feel. Or maybe, as Web thinks, they were they protecting themselves?
  4. What do you think of Web’s reaction when he is finally told the truth about his birth? Is his outrage appropriate? Do you think he can ever forgive his parents? Do you think Web will go on to search for his birth family? Would you?
  5. What do you think the Marino family should do about Violet? Is it fair for the family to pursue legal custody?
  6. At the end of the book, Anna realizes she is in love with her partner, a man who is 25 years older than she. Did you see this coming? How do you feel about May-December romances? How do you feel about workplace romances? Can you anticipate any complications they might experience if a romance develops?
  7. The author believes the best page-turners contain both a mystery and a love story. What elements are present in your favorite novels?

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