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From the Back of the Book

Former NYPD cop Anna Valentine just landed her first homicide case: the grisly double murder of a wealthy young couple. But it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Recovering from personal tragedies, the young police office just moved with her traumatized child to the suburbs where she hoped to pursue a quiet life and heal. To complicate matters, although she’s sworn off men until she and her son are happy and whole again, Anna feels the pull of attraction to the handsome twin brother of one of the murder victims, a man who has yet to be crossed off the suspect list. Teaming up with lead detective Jerry Kreeger, a 57-year-old veteran cop who’s lonely, broke and close to burnout, Anna chases a crafty killer and ultimately exposes a family’s shocking secrets that will rock a town.


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Reviewers love DEAD LIES!

Loening is a master of her craft…

Main Street Magazine

Top marks…five stars…

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What Amazon readers are saying:

I hope this is a series!

…a can’t-put-it-down type of book.

…a page turner…

If you take this novel to the beach, apply sunblock lavishly.

I lost track of time reading this book…I highly recommend this modern day mystery.

This is the sort of mystery you can sink your teeth into.

This page-turning novel has it all—an intricate mystery with multiple layers that kept me guessing until the very end…

This is a GREAT murder mystery! The author has woven many characters with twists and turns into a fast-paced read.

What a great read! Really clever writing with wonderful character development. The author kept me reading late into the night! I can’t wait for the next Anna Valentine adventure.

A must-read that you can’t put down. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a book this much! l look forward to Ms. Loening’s next book!