Honesty is Empowering.

Honesty is Empowering by Cybele Loening

I recently went a few months straight of feeling abnormally tired every day. I would go to bed at night and sleep for eight to ten hours and wake up in the morning still feeling exhausted. It was frustrating because I just couldn’t find the energy to get anything done.

I knew in my heart there was nothing wrong with me health-wise, but I got a check-up anyway. My doctor gave me the all clear, suggesting I take a look at what emotions might be at play.

I tried, but just couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

So my husband, a former natural health practitioner and all-around spiritual guy, suggested I meditate over it, to sit quietly and see what came up.

It was a great idea, and I was astounded when the answer came to me almost immediately: I was creating the fatigue and using it as an excuse not to start writing my next book. I was afraid I couldn’t repeat the success of the first one, that the second book just wouldn’t be good.

Gulp! Heavy stuff, but I actually smiled when I realized this. It felt so good to finally know.

When I looked more closely at my fears and analyzed them, I realized they were completely unfounded. I’m a good writer; I know I can write a book. I’ve done it before. And even if my second book did not turn out to be as good as my first, I wouldn’t know that until I wrote it. And at that point,  there would surely be an opportunity to fix it.

What I learned from this experience is that it is incredibly freeing to admit your fears, even if it isn’t easy. In my case, once I acknowledged what was going on, and fully owned it, my fatigue literally melted away.

Soon after I began writing again.

And I’m happy to report, so far so good.

So, do yourself a great kindness: Get honest with yourself. Admit your fears. Look for the excuses you use to keep yourself stuck and let them go. When you let honesty become your way of life, you will be amazed at what great things you can accomplish.

This picture is an adapted version of one from epicnom.

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