Anything is Possible If You Believe! (My Thoughts On The Law of Attraction)

Anything is Possible If You Believe! (My Thoughts On The Law of Attraction) by Cybele Loening

When I first learned about The Law of Attraction I was the biggest skeptic. We could create our own reality? Have anything we wanted? Enjoy our dream life? Just by thinking it into reality?

No way. It defied science, reason and logic.

And yet I was still so drawn to the idea. It offered so much hope.

I had been feeling really down and helpless in my life for several years, and frustrated with circumstances that seemed beyond my control. I was single and unhappy about it. When would I meet someone, I wondered? I was Internet dating and “putting myself out there,” and yet the great guy had still not come along.

I was also starting to feel very alone because my friends were getting married and leaving the city in droves. My world seemed to be shrinking.

And yet after 15 years in that same city, I was starting to feel drained by all the noise and crowds. I longed to live in the country, to be surrounded by quiet and nature, which I found so healing. New York City was the center of my chosen industry (publishing). How could I possibly live anywhere else?

And what the heck would I do in the country all by myself? Would I make friends? How would I make enough money to survive?

These concepts were so big, the sum of them so overwhelming, that it seemed virtually impossible that anything could change.

And then one day it did.

Maybe I just got sick of being miserable. Here’s what got me on the right path: While I couldn’t quite fully commit myself to the Law of Attraction and the idea that anything was possible, I was able to accept that it might be true.

Anything is possible.

That idea carried so much power. Wouldn’t it be incredible, I thought, if it was true? It would mean I could literally have whatever I wanted.

So I tried the idea on for size. Those three words became an affirmation I repeated every day, ten, twenty times.

It felt phony at first but I kept saying it anyway. Eventually it started to feel natural and good, and, amazingly, within a month or so it felt completely true to me.

And that’s when titanic shifts began to occur: I found a way to leave New York City to a new home in the Connecticut woods. I started my own business. I fell in love with a wonderful man to whom I am now married. My social life filled out again.

Life has never been better.

When my mind opened up, so did my eyes. I saw roadways where once there had only been roadblocks. I saw the infinite possibilities. When you expand your vision, your world really does expand.

Anything is possible.

Sit with that concept for a while, play with it in your mind. And over time watch for all the wonderful things to begin happening!

Picture adapted from a picture from TORLEY.

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